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Overcoming Biohazard Situations With Our Help | SERVPRO of West Hamilton/Oxford

11/21/2023 (Permalink)

Tape, crime scene and police in house for investigation, inspection and forensic analysis Biohazard situations can be extremely damaging and dangerous. Call SERVPRO of West Hamilton/Oxford today! We are Here to Help®.

The only predictable thing about life is that it is unpredictable. Emergencies, accidents and the unexpected can take us by surprise at home and at work that can leave significant impacts on our day-to-day lives. 

Sometimes those situations can even result in dangerous or hazardous messes to deal with. For example, sewage leaks can happen at a moment’s notice and leave you with a dangerous predicament.

Thankfully, our biohazard team is here to help when you need it. We are trained in the latest and safest restoration techniques that will help you recover safely and efficiently. 

Why Professionals Should Address Biohazards

Minor accidents or a few drops of blood can usually be handled on your own or by your janitorial staff, but more serious situations should always be handled by trained professionals. That’s because some really dangerous substances can be lurking in things like sewage, blood or chemicals.  

We are trained to handle every sort of situation, including chemical spills, sewage leaks, bloodborne pathogens, hoarding scenes, and animal waste or remains removal. 

Did you know that even fresh water can become a biohazard if it is left on your floor for too long? Bacteria can start to grow and make you really sick if it isn’t properly handled. Our team has the proper PPE and training to handle these kinds of substances safely. We will contain the area, address the cleaning and sanitizing needs and handle repairs if the situation calls for it. 

Crime Scene Residue Cleanup 

Being the victim of a crime is one thing, but having that crime occur at your home or business is entirely another! In addition to the sheer emotional distress of the situation, your personal space is now open for all kinds of authorities and crime scene techs to take over. 

Once everyone has gotten the evidence they need and have left, the reality of what just happened can set in and the feeling can be overwhelming.

Oftentimes, victims of a crime are left to deal with the cleanup and aftermath on their own. We are on a mission to help take the strain off of this process! Our crime scene cleanup crew can remove any signs of the crime scene processing like leftover fingerprint powder, pepper spray or tear gas residue, and the remnants of fire extinguisher chemicals. We can also safely clean up blood or other bodily fluids if the situation requires it. 

Our biohazard crew is here for you through thick and thin. Call us the moment you discover a dangerous or mysterious substance at your home or on your property and we will get to work for you. 

Let our biohazard team clean up your mess. Contact SERVPRO of West Hamilton/Oxford today.

Trauma Scene Cleaning

3/14/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of West Hamilton/Oxford is your areas leader in trauma scene cleanup

The management staff at SERVPRO of West Hamilton/Oxford maintain a strict training program to keep up with the industry changes regarding hazardous material cleanup and restoration. The technical side of trauma bio contamination remediation is pretty black and white however the emotional side is where out team truly shines like no other. We pride ourselves on removing any dangers for the property owners while doing so in the most compassionate way possible. We are the industry leaders in insurance claim repair work. Many homeowners don't realize that this type of work is typically covered under their insurance policy. SERVPRO of West Hamilton/Oxford is here to help that process along so you don't have to. SERVPRO being on the job guarantees quality workmanship, a caring crew and professionalism to return home or business to "Like it never even happened."